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The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

A talk by Joy Graysen
CEO and Founder, The School Of Joy

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About this talk

If you have ever felt the agony of being totally prepared for a performance, presentation or meeting and as soon as you step on stage or in front of the camera or mic, you find yourself frozen in perfection paralysis and imposter syndrome, and everything you’ve prepared, goes right out the window - then this talk is for you.

Or maybe you long to share your ideas/voice with the world but are too “in your head” to even begin?

Or maybe you simply lose your nerve in social situations and feel completely introverted and inadequate when deep down inside, you know you’re a badass but can’t share that part of yourself in public?

The world needs YOU, your voice and your vision DESPERATELY.

We are the CREATORS, the ones who dream new realities, but most of us are questioning our worth and our value - comparing ourselves to others and doubting our abilities to impact… It is time to stop hesitating and SHOW UP!

The time has come to STEP INTO THE LIGHT OF YOUR OWN BEING. The time is NOW.

Please join me for a No-BS approach to unlearning the f*ck out of fear so that you can become the limitless, unforgettable, visionary performer and leader you really are!

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The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck Signature Workshop Video

A sneak-peek video of excerpts from my signature workshop The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck! Only when we learn HOW to stop obsessing over our addiction to worrying about what others think of us, can we discover our true mastery. This workshop will give you the fundamentals of how to stop getting thrown out of your quantum playground so you can operate in "The Zone" as a creator, in performance. In addition, you will receive a free 1:1 Barrier Breakthrough Session to help you identify the specific areas where you are giving too many f*cks and holding yourself back from the mastery that is possible. This call will help see your next steps - the ACTIONS you can take to zone into your true power!

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