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Are You Speaker Ready? Is Your Message as Powerful as it Could Be?

Attend this Ultimate VIP Experience - Speaker Retreat & Get Ready for Your Next Big Event!

We believe your passion, purpose, and vision are worth sharing. Attend the ‘Get Speaker Ready Retreat’ and let’s shape your message and offer so you can deliver a beautiful and powerful presentation to fit your business needs.

Join us at this event and you will… Align Your Presentation with Your Message Discover How to be Your Own Talent Manager Perfect your Signature Talk Build your Confidence as a Speaker Present with Authority and Influence Close with Authenticity and Integrity

During this immersive and intensive retreat, we make sure that your presentation and talk are completely aligned with your message. You will perfect your signature ‘speak to sell’ talk and you will deliver it so that you will be proud to call it your own.

Did we mention that all of this can happen in 3 Days?


Join us at this VIP Speaker Retreat in Austin, TX. Are You Speaker Ready? Is Your Message as Powerful as it Could Be? Attend this Ultimate Speaker Retreat & Get Ready for Your Next Big Event! We believe your passion, purpose, and vision are worth sharing. Attend the ‘Get Speaker Ready Retreat’ and let’s shape your message and offer so you can deliver a beautiful and powerful presentation to fit your business needs.

Join us at this event and you will… Align Your Presentation with Your Message Discover How to be Your Own Talent Manager Perfect your Signature Talk Build your Confidence as a Speaker Present with Authority and Influence Close with Authenticity and Integrity During this immersive and intensive retreat, we make sure that your presentation and talk are completely aligned with your message. You will perfect your signature ‘speak to sell’ talk and you will deliver it so that you will be proud to call it your own. Did we mention that all of this can happen in 3 Days?


20% off You Already Made the Decision, You're Just Not Happy With It. This boook is your guide on how to make better decisions or live with the ones you've already made.


Mastering Your Emotions to Create a Dream Life: Masterclass Imagine being given the tools to begin to transform your life over a 4 week group coaching program. Over the 4 weeks we will cover: Identifying emotions that are keeping you stuck in the past, The power of your spoken and unspoken words and how they affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually, Learn how to question your beliefs and remove the ones that are not serving your highest good, How to expand your perspective and so much more.


Spirit Baby Connection: A three-week intensive workshop


15% off all Mic Drop Music Production packages!

Simply have a look at the url provided, and scroll down to see the 3 packages available. Then book a time with me for your free consultation and simply mention you're a Week of Kindness attendee for an instant 15% discount on the package of your choice!


15% off Mic Drop Mentorship 6 Week Program for Week of Kindness Attendees!!

Scroll down, hit the "I'm Ready to Enrol" button, and enter the code weekofkindness when checking out!


Free 20 minute Zoom call with Patti


SCHEDULE SOME PRIVATE TIME WITH ME! In 6 weeks you will discover: Week 1: Welcome to a New Beginning! Transition from one role to finding the next! Purpose, Awareness, Talents, Passion, Perspective, Values Along with: Intention, Implementation and Impacts

Week 2: Goal Setting and Vision Boards Short Term & Long Term Goal Setting, Visualization Exercise, Vision Board Creation

Week 3: Self Love and Self Care Definition and Examples of Self Love & Self Care, Self Care Questions & Discussion, Self Affirmations and Visualization Exercise

Week 4: “Name It to Tame It!” - Stress Relievers & Mindfulness Physical Symptoms of Stress, Emotional Effects of Stress, Cognitive & Behavioral Symptoms, Reducing Stress: Mind, Body, Spirit Techniques, Visualization Exercise

Week 5: Confidence and Positivity Matters! Defining & Discussing Confidence, Power of Positivity, Positive Health Related Facts, Positive Self Messages, Visualization Exercise

Week 6: Graduate to Your “New Beginning!” Review and Recap of entire course, Putting your Plan and Purpose into Play


A Complimentary assessment of your retention and Follow up system! (valued at $1000)


The Ultimate Credibility Bootcamp will help you build your credibility, build your brand, and close more business. This 2-day bootcamp is a deep dive into how you show up on and offline. You will learn and start speaking the common language of credibility which will make it easier for the “right” prospects to feel aligned with you, and for the “right” partners to easily and willingly want to share “YOU”.


I offer a 30 minutes consultation on telling your story and making clients at events and stages.


50 % off Money illumination Blueprint: • Clarify what you want (and don’t want) • Identify and understand your action stoppers • Know the next steps to take to move forward powerfully! You have big dreams! And getting your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned with your dreams is how you make them come true.


"The Celebrated Speaker: Be a Magnetic, Impactful, Trusted Communcator" 6 week workshop (9 hours) $497 (normally $697, but discounted for Week of Kindness attendees) and/or 1:1 public speaking coaching 6 weeks, 6 hours $500 (Normally $600 but discounted for Week of Kindness attendees).


Your Choice: The Art of Presence Workshop (coed) or The Art of Feminine Presence Workshop. Both 6 weeks, 12 hours, valued at $997, discounted for Week of Kindness attendees to $497


For Kindness and Gratitude Attendees Only 80% Off Private and Personalized Coaching for 6 Weeks - No Time for Fear - Thriving With Courage - so that you can Show Up With Confidence in All Areas of Your Life - Offer expires July 1, 2022 at midnight eastern standard time. Normally $1,997.00


Attend a Master Class with Lois on Wed, June 29th at 3:30 ET (90 min) on Embracing Your Divine Soul' where she will outline how the spirit guide connection can provide transformation for your business/personal soul journey. You will have an opportunity to win a spirit guide drawing/reading (90 min) valued at $300.00 Register below.


TEDx Speaker Accelerator (Basic) - 1000 USD - (10 solid hours x 1 hour) (10% off) Get the solid foundations, exercises and guidance, and great for independent & proficient speakers) or (Premium) - 2000 USD (10 % off) (15 x 1.5 hours) - to be fully ready for key events, functions and also TEDx stage)

A short program related to utilising TED Talk style coaching methods to guide you in becoming a TED keynote speaker. This program is exculsive for speakers from all ages, all types (from someone brand new to someone professional).

(TONYA WHITE)-Soul Wealth Design Quest

6-Week Soul Wealth Design Quest to embark on a journey to develop a more empowered relationship with money, balanced with key financial principles and create your Soul Wealth Design that captures the heart of who you are and the impact you want to leave behind. This live, virtual class begins July 12th. As an attendee at the Week of Kindness event, receive $1,000.00 off through June using the Special Promotion Code: WOK0622

(ZURIEL GIBSON)-Free online Class and Coaching

I will help you to simply outline thoughts to past your own thoughts of your diagnosis or disability.

(VICTOR R. VENTO JR.)-The 6-Part Sales Script we use to convert 60%+ of Prospects into Clients

This 6-Part Sales Script has helped myself and my clients convert 60%+ of prospects into clients and customers without spending countless hours and multiple calls handling objections or getting ghosted, and instead converting prospects in as little as 30 - 45 min without the resistance.

Get To Know The 12 Chakras - Grow Beyond The Basics

Master Your Chakras & Learn to Balance Your Energies with this discounted course! This course is normally $197, but EXCLUSIVELY for the Week of Kindness, I have seriously discounted it to just $47! SAVE $150!

This is an in-depth opportunity to learn about the 12 Chakra System, their attributes, areas of control in your physical and ethereal body, how to activate and balance, and much more!. In addition, you have the opportunity for a PRIVATE opportunity for further study with myself or my team INCLUDED in the package!

This is EXCLUSIVE offer, so don't miss out!

(DR. LISA BREWER) - The Quantum Life Bundle

Go on your journey into quantum life with my Quantum Bundle that includes an interactive e-book Living The Quantum Life; my 7-day meditation series Release From The Matrix; and my video course "How to Take Quantum Leaps". Don't wait weeks, months or years to live life in your highest purpose!

(SHIRA RAYMOND)-Embrace New Beginnings

This E-book is filled with tools to help pivot your emotions and life no matter what is happening around you. You don't want to miss out of this special book.

(SCHROEDER)-10 Minute Vocal Maximizer

The 10-minute voice warmup to MAXIMIZE your vocal potential, captivate the audience and INSTANTLY be more persuasive!

(MOSTAFA HOSSEINI)-Simple Retention Formula Checklist

Download the Blueprint for Simple Retention Formula Get instant access to the checklist to get referrals and increase customer satisfaction

(MELISSA TERNES)-Financial Power Checklist

Get the FINANCIAL POWER CHECKLIST and discover the health of your wealth. Easy to complete in only 2 minutes! The checklist will:

Identify beliefs that are keeping you stuck
Discover the missing systems and structures needed
Uncover behaviors that are blocking profits
Look at your relationship with money!

Now is the time to get clear on what’s keeping you from having, keeping and enjoying profits!

(MARLA PRESS)-Guided Home Space Meditation AND video on How to Make Annoying Speaking Habits Disappear

The video is a hilarious look at the annoying habits speakers do, especially on video, and how to make them disappear.

The meditation is an audio recording so that you can close your eyes and receive a quick, powerful, nurturing, unique full body experience. Not your typical meditation. This will help you get out of your head and into your full body and presence so that you experience life fully, create deeper connections, and tap into your full potential to attract everything you desire.

(LORI LYONS)-Messy Marketing Mistakes

The top 10 Messy Marketing Mistakes most business owners make and what they can do about them. Correcting even just a couple of these common mistakes with attract your ideal clients, bring in more leads and more money!

(YVONNE MCCOY)-Accelerate Productivity and Profit with One Small Change

It’s not what you think. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going, if you are head in the wrong direction!

Discover concepts to use with your unique purpose that increase productivity and profit when you: - Recognize how real productivity is different than you think - Understand the normal but frustrating challenges all entrepreneurs face. – - Acknowledge why your long-held beliefs are holding you and your clients back. - Discover the process to making successful change that helps you grow from failure. - Confidently know what you want to be remembered for and give the world

These are simple but powerful concepts that will change the way you grow your business.


(YUN RHEE)-Mastering the "Myth" of Work-Life Balance

Discover the secret to leading a life of prosperity in both your career and relationships. Create structure within your personal life and rekindle the passion in your work with this 3-Part mini course.

(TONYA WHITE)-New Money Paradigm Bundle

Begin a new path to your relationship with money as you expand your paradigm of the emotional and practical side of money and finances. Change Your Mindset by experiencing a new paradigm of money, leading to more confidence around how you relate to money, and release areas that have held you back. PLUS you'll get a 2-hour LIVE Busting Your Money Blocks Workshop to guide you further.

(TONI KAUFMAN)-speaker success kit

step by step checklist of how to get a speaking gig and checklists for amazing speakers

(TERESA SYMS)-Guided Visualization to Start Your Day

A guided visualization to teach you how to relax, refocus and to start your day in a calm, rejuvenated way.

(TAMI JAFFE)-Corporate to Cash Jumpstart Kit

Make the leap from employee to entrepreneur without all the headaches. Get your FREE guide here that shows you how to get a jumpstart on your offer, your clients, your leads and your strategy.

(TALIA DASHOW)-Checklist to go from Gremlins to Guidance

A checklist to help you go from listening to your inner gremlins (who are mean) to listening to your inner guidance (which is kind). Also comes with two creativity games!

(SUNNY ARFA)-Feel Great Meditate Video guided meditation

Enjoy a FEEL GREAT MEDITATE GUIDED MEDITATION as Sunny guides you breath by breath in a guided meditation to de-clutter the mind, calm the emotions and destress your life starting in the mind. Soothe your soul as you experience inner peace of mind. Once clarity is achieved by slowing down brain waves to alpha and theta level, and oxygenating the brain you will achieve CLARITY TO SEE YOUR VISION. Next, Enter Manifestation zone where are your upgraded thoughts will be emotionalized and manifested next in physical plane. Get ready to receive ideas, answers and downloads of what to do next to achieve your unfolding vision.

(STIRLING GARDNER)-Exactly What to Teach in Your 5 Day Challenge

Exactly What to Teach is a Content Structure Tool for executing a highly profitable 5 day challenge. Stirling walks you through the five structures using his proprietary C.A.K.E. framework so you deliver your content with a clear, logical flow that is so clean, your audience's next logical and natural step is to enroll in your course or high ticket program.

(STEPHANIE TREASURE)-Ready, Set, Booked Formula! 5-step Strategy for How I Booked my First Business with 8+ Clients in my First go-around in under 2

Download this guide to learn my Signature System for going from zero to booked so you can fill and refill your practice anytime. I share powerful rules of engagement that help lead your prospects into the sales process without the sleaze. Finally, get access to concrete step-by-step activities to kick-start the momentum towards getting booked this Month. Get ready to be inspired by 2 powerful case studies (video and PDF breakdown) from just 2 of my client’s experiences.

(SHIRAZ BABOO)-Focusing Audios

Audios to help you improve you focus and calmness to handle stressful situations and improve your focus on doing and creating the things you really want.

(SHERIDAN WICKENS-FOGG)-Back to Basics Action Guide & 1 Hour Coaching Call

The “Back to Basics” Action Guide is a phenomenal self-help tool that allows for acknowledgement, reflection, direction, and action. Putting you back into the pilot’s seat, turning off “auto-pilot”, taking control and moving your life forward to your next destination. “Back to Basic” Coaching Call.

(SHARON MILLIMAN)-A collective gift page from the authors of The Secret Child Book, Life After Loss

(SHAKEMA APPLETON)-Reconnect to Joy Journal

This journal assists users with reconnecting to their core selves by exploring prompts focused on their lower three chakras: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra.

(SCHROEDER)-Custom Music Consultation

A deep dive into the heart soul and mission of your brand. Discovering together using examples what your ideal vision is for theme music that properly reflects your brand, so that it builds audience loyalty and a deep connection between them and your mission.

(PATTI STUELAND)-Pathway to a New Purpose Roadmap & Guide

This roadmap and guide will help you decide what new pathway you wish to navigate. With the use of affirmations, breathing techniques, mindfulness, self care, goal setting, visualization exercises and increasing your positive mental attitude along this journey, you can become a more caring, insightful, compassionate and positive you that's ready to find your Pathway to a New Purpose!

(NATAN VERKHOVSKY, M.HT.)-Top Energy Mistakes Costing You Money!

2hr Online Workshop

(MOSADI PEARSON)-Make a donation to an organization for the youth. If you aren't sure where you want to donate I'd suggest the Mighty Writers

Growing up homeschooled, I relied on free after school programs to help fill in the gaps and socialize. Donating to these programs helps increase the quality of these programs gives kids access to better education, better food, and cleaner spaces.

(MITCHELL LEVY)-LIVING Your Values Infographic Gift

The infographic gift contains: 1) Discovery questions on how you show up on and offline, and 2) Action steps to uplevel your credibility.

(MILA JOHANSEN)-Promote Your Book PDF & a Free Consultation

PDF of 101 Surprising Tips to Promote Your Book or Anything and 1/2 hour complimentary consultation

(MIEU PHAN)-Lead Magnet & Sales Funnel Bundle

Lead the different types of lead magnets, learn the tech behind them, setup your mailChimp to collect emails and mailing sequence, and set up your Facebook Group to collect leads.

(MERRIE LYNN ROSS)-Abundant Peace- Uplift

Making this day... the best day of your life. Aligning with the Universe - in this light field meditation... Uplift what brings you up...Feeling one with all- magnetize and materialize your highest good.

(MELANIE HERSCHORN)-Your Ultimate Book Marketing Checklist

Being consistent with your book marketing will set you apart from the competition. That's why this comprehensive checklist can help you make sure you're on track!

(MARTHA DAVIS ALEXANDER)-Abundance Breakthrough Session with Martha

60 minute Session with Martha

(MARLA PRESS)-Top 10 Mistakes Public Speakers Make and the Secrets to Fix Them PDF AND a complimentary 30min coaching session

This is not your typical public speaking advice. It goes way beyond the basics of practicing out loud, or breathing properly, or not saying "um."The list is cutting edge psychology telling you what an audience really wants and how you go from a pretty good speaker to a magnetic, impactful, trusted, phenomenal speaker. If you want to go beyond just thinking about these solutions and do exercises that will make them manifest for you, then Marla is also gifting you a complimentary 30min online coaching session.

(MARGIE DUNKI-JACOBS)-The Confidence, Success & Cash Workshop

A three-hour workshop that will elevate your confidence! success! and show you multiple ways you can add a lucrative cash-flow into your life!

(MACK ABBOTT)-How to get your brand prepped for PR

This a mini course for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get prepped for PR. You will learn about what you need prepared in order to have a successful public image in the press.

(LOIS WARNOCK)- Spirit Guide Card Reading for July to December 2022

This reading is channeled from Spirit through Lois; with cards from her 'Spirit Guide' Soul Divination Deck released this year. There will also be a sampling of the Transformational Journal pages for the cards selected for personal use and spiritual development.

(LINDA PATTEN)- Management vs. Leadership

Two words that often used interchangeably -- management and leadership. Through this ebook you will discover the true meaning of each and how they relate to each other.


A 1-1 consultation session with Aaron for an hour, whereby you will witness the difference in the way you speak to the way you impact others through the power of words.

(AMANDA BEDELL'S)- Business Chaos to Calm E-Learning Marketing System

A FREE 30-day membership to my Business Chaos to Calm E-Learning Marketing System™ This platform was created to give you unrestricted access to the tools, resources, and support you need to build whatever size business you want


(BHAVNA SRIVASTAVA'S)- Releasing Fear Meditation

It's a 15 min session on phone/zoom to help you see how Bhavna can help you move forward in your soul journey and help release 1 fear with meditation.

Get It HERE:

(BLANCA PERPER'S)-Sweetheart Social Media Pack

Get 1 month of social media content for your brand

Get It Here:

(AMY ZWAIGENBAUM'S)- Discovering The Missing You

Get the free webinar for "Discovering The Missing You" Get It Here:

(ART GISER'S)-Energetic NLP BlockBuster Full Program

Clear blocks to your happiness, success, relationships, abundance, and manifesting more of your full potential – without having to analyze yourself, and work hard. When you learn how to put your spirit and deep inner human wisdom in charge, you can easily release and heal blocks to your success. Watch the videos, relax, and ​let the magic happen. Release your unconscious, ancestral, and energetic programming; and the anxiety, fear, and spiritual blocks that hold you back from the joy of manifesting more of your potential. This is the full BlockBuster program!

Get it Here:

(BRENDA FORIS)- Group Gift

The Secret Child series will extend to many volumes as our children have many many gifts to share. Life After Loss is the first of this series and features a cross-section of lives and loss from parents willing to share from the heart.

Get It Here:

(CATHERINE O'LEARY'S)- 5 Strategies for Growing Your Audience with Quizzes

Hot off the presses my 5 strategies to grow your audience with quizzes that will make attracting your ideal clients 3 times easier! Get It Here:

(CATHERINE PETERS)- Burnout To Badass Strategy Session

This 30-minute FREE strategy session is an incredible opportunity to get professional help from a certified coach to gain clarity, actionable insight and next steps to help you get out of burnout and level up your energy so you can level up your life! Get It Here:

(CINDY J. HOLBROOK'S)- 5 Keys to Feel Worthy of Success

You'll discover ... Two things that wreak havoc on your CONFIDENCE and WORTH Identify your BEST-SELF and know how to authentically show up in life and business Understand how to set and MAINTAIN boundaries in life and business.

Get It Here:

(CONNIE DURHAM'S)- 25 ways to Boost your Marital Mojo

Sometimes we get busy and we just have to be reminded of the actions, that we can personally take to make our Marriage Better. Recording & List Get It Here:

(CONNIE WHITMAN'S)- Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™

Are you curious about how you communicate and how your messages are received by clients and prospects?

The Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ will provide a framework so you can easily identify your superpowers and challenges associated with your communication style combination.

Using this tool, you will have an opportunity to learn about your communication style and sharpen your skills so you can take advantage of perfecting your personal style. Which will help you master business situations such as asking for the sale, handling conflict and objections with ease, being an influential leader, master meeting facilitation, and so much more.

Isn’t it time you fulfilled your full communication potential and le it the power behind your success? Let us provide you with the first step towards communication mastery!

Get It Here:

(DEANNA HANSEN'S)- Fascia Decompression Sampler Program

The Sampler Program consists of 9 videos where we share some of the basic principles of fascia decompression, using a rolled-up towel as the tool. This will give you an understanding of the process and how significant it is to work in your fascia for on-going health and wellness. The positions we share will open the flow to improve oxygenation to cells. The strengthening exercises included will pull your body back into better alignment.

Get It Here: (Note: his is the general link for our sampler program. A personalized link will provided after referral partner registration is completed)



Get It Here:

(DENEENE A. COLLINS)- Free Affiliate Marketing Masterclass & Complimentary Vacation Stay

A Powerful and Profound Masterclass Performed by one of today's leading affiliate marketing experts showing entrepreneurs little known secrets to help them start and grow their dream business online through affiliate marketing done in a way other experts aren't teaching. Additionally, when you register for the Free Masterclass you receive a Complimentary Luxury Vacation Stay at one of over 60 destinations world wide.

Get It Here:

(DIANA DEVI'S)- Stay Ageless for Life series

Learn the step you can take starting today to look and feel younger. Getting older is better than other option, but you can slow or reverse the signs of aging!

Get It Here:

(DR. SUE DENK'S)- Achieving Spectacularity

The Secret Child series will touch lives in amazing ways as we share the stories of our children, and how their lives, no matter how brief, have had an impact in our lives and those they touched. The Secret Child series will extend to many volumes as our children have many many gifts to share. Life After Loss is the first of this series and features a cross section of lives and loss from parents willing to share from the heart. Get It Here:

(ELIZABETH DUNCAN)-Hawker's Connecting & Collaborating & Currency Strategy BootCamp

Post Pandemic is a great time to make sure you are Reconnecting and Attracting the Right people into your world! 3 part live Series via zoom will walk you through how to update your skills and realize RELATIONSHIPS ARE CURRENCY AT WORK AND SOCIALLY.
(Valued at $197 yours as a gift using promo code WOK2022)

RIGHT NOW YOU HAVE A PERFECT TIME TO ATTRACT & CONNECT WITH BETTER PEOPLE FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS.... come learn how: Do you wish you connected easier with others in business, at work, or when networking? Do you attract the right colleagues, customers, collaborators, and workplace friendships? Do they say they want to be on your team?
Are you pushing others away by NOT Saying the right words when they experienced a loss, trauma, or life-changing event? Do others readily help you reach your goals? Based on your actions and conversations, others will determine whether they want to connect deeper and support you in business.
Do you know what to say during a co-worker or customer's challenging times so they still like you and trust you more? *Can you spot who would be ideal potential friends everywhere?

Get It Here:

(FORBES RILEY'S)- Free Gift From Forbes

Imagine a world where you and your ideas were heard and you always get a yes! A uniquely designed video series on up-leveling your ability to get a YES

Get It Here:

(HEIDI DUNSTAN'S)- Lean into Grief Through the Holiday Season Masterclass

A free live online class that provides education on grief and the challenges of moving through grief and the holidays. This 90 minute Masterclass will talk about the challenges with grief during the holidays, and how to support someone who is grieving while everyone is celebrating.

Get It Here:

(JEFF KLEIN'S)- Speaker Success Checklist

Quick tool to help speakers have everything they need to speak to regularly scheduled meetings.

Get It Here:

(LAURA STAISIUNAS)-Meditation to Activate Your Creative Flow

This meditation will help you expand into all of who are as a divine creator.

(JENNY HARKLEROAD'S)- Program Your Brain for Success

Bring Your Goals and let Jenny help you program your brain for success!

Get It Here:

(JESSICA KOCH'S)- Targeted Prospecting Video Training

Research is key! Learn how to increase you chances with prospects and the tools to use!

Get It Here:

(JOY GRAYSEN'S)- The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck Signature Workshop Vidoe

A sneak-peek video of excerpts from my signature workshop The Art Of Not Giving A F*ck! Only when we learn HOW to stop obsessing over our addiction to worrying about what others think of us, can we discover our true mastery.This workshop will give you the fundamentals of how to stop getting thrown out of your quantum playground so you can operate int "The Zone" as a creator, in performance.

Get It Here:

(KUTI MACK'S)- BYBDe-Stresser

Directive details outlining KUTI’s 6 favorite & proven ways to efficiently reduce stress.

Get It Here:

(LAURABETH RYAN) -The Brilliance and Resilience Gift Pack

This will be a package that includes 1) downloadable that will help busy business women crush worry and sleep in peace; 2) an MP3 bundle for fast two-minute hacks for professional women to stop drowning in a sea of overwhelm; 3) a one-on-one Rapid Results Resiliency Strategy Session with LauraBeth which provides crystal clear clarity, encouragement, motivation and strategies to overcome your toughest challenges.

(KRISTOFFER DOURA'S) - Coaching Session 1 on 1

Business Consultation Session 1 on 1

Get It Here:

(KIMBERLY WEITKAMP'S) - High-Converting Lead Magnet Guide

Tired of free gifts and marketing that doesn't work? Ready to start bringing in the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time...with an irresistible message? Inside this guide, you'll discover exactly what to include in your next lead magnet that brings in ideal clients...ready to work with you and take action. You'll even discover what most people do wrong when creating this marketing...and how it's turning your ideal client away from you.

Get It Here:

(KIMBERLY CROWE'S) - Ten Sure-Fire Techniques to Inspire Your Virtual Audience to Take Action

In the Zoom era, presenting material to a virtual audience and keeping them engaged can be very challenging! Here are 10 strategies to keep your audience engaged and energized during your next virtual meeting or webinar.

Get It Here:

(JOSIAH BÉGIN'S)- The Secret Recipe To A Profitable Product

A Monetizing Mini Course: Make more WITHOUT working harder. Learn to invest your energy in the portion of your business that profits the most. Max out your margins, streamline your process, and create a win-win-win for you, your team, & your clients.

Get It Here:

(JILL KRAFT THOMPSON'S) -The Secret Child: Life After Loss

Collective free gift from the contributing authors of The Secret Child: Life After Loss. Get It Here:

(JENN NEAL'S)- Ultimate Content Repurposing Guide

This ultimate content repurposing guide includes everything you need to repurpose your existing content into digital tools that will attract your ideal audience to grow your list and ultimately your bottom line.

Get It Here:

(JEN DU PLESSIS)- 7 Strategies to Transform you Business Mindset

Simple PDF document that is assessment of 7 strategies for business owners/sales professionals to review to ensure they have the correct mindset in their business to enable clarity, community and scale.

Get It Here:

(JEANNE SULLIVAN BILLECI'S)-Discover Your Biggest Block to Love Quiz

Discover your biggest block to love so you can STOP attracting people who hold you back and START attracting a soul mate who supports and elevates you!

After the quiz, you may book a free Soul Mate Accelerator Session to learn how coaching can help accelerate your soul mate attraction journey!

Get It Here:

(JAY FAIRBROTHER'S)-The Pricing 4 Profits Masterclass- Free VIP Access!

Most coaches are leaving Profits on the table by not maximizing the Pricing that that is congruent with their Brand and Value they deliver. Learn the Biggest Mistakes Most Coaches, Speakers and Course-Creators make in pricing their programs, packages and services. Discover the Ultimate Pricing Formula to arrive at your perfect price that you can be 100% Confident in and will add thousands to your bottom line! Raise Prices without Losing Customers!

(JANET BLOUNT'S)- A Parent's Guide for Exploring Careers With Elementary School Age Children

A Parent's Guide for Exploring Careers With Elementary School Age Children provides suggestions on ways parents can help their children become aware of a variety of careers.

Get It Here:

(JAN FISHLER'S)- Page of Freebies

Get An Incredible set of over 10+ Freebies that will make your book to life. how to tap into the subconscious to quickly and easily create amazing and memorable content. Get It Here

(JACKIE BAILEY'S)- Free 30-Days of Positive Prime Sessions

​Positive Prime is a scientifically proven way to easily rise above your old self-defeating patterns, reduce stress, anxiety, and prepare for speaking with confidence. It will accelerate learning and growth.

​In only 3 minutes a day you'll receive 6-8 hours of benefit. Adjust the speed of the video as you'd like.

Get It Here:

(FRANK KING'S)- Landing and Leveraging a TEDx Talk

Landing Your First TEDx Talk Made Simple And, After The First One, Learn How To Do It Over And Over Again This 3-Hour Online Course Will Show You How.

Get It Here:

(DAN KAPELLEN'S)- Transform Fear into Courage

Learn About:

 * Understanding Fear     
 * Overcoming Phobias     
 * 9 Tips to Stand Up For Yourself  
 * 5 Benefits of Risk-Taking    
 * The Real Meaning of Being Courageous

Get It Here:

(CONNIE HIGGINS-BATSELL'S)- Healing Meditation for the Mind and Heart

I will read a lesson from A Course in Miracles, " I rest in God" with tranquil music playing in the background. After the reading of the lesson, I will be doing reiki (energy work) for the heart chakra to help heal broken heartedness.

Get It Here:

(CARL RICHARDS)- Podcast Strategy Session

In this two hour podcast strategy session Carl will help you get your podcast ideas to the launch pad, with a check list of what you need to get started, and the roadmap to get you there.

Get It Here:

(BRENDA SOUCY'S)- 1:1 Strategy Session

I am offering you a Strategy Session valued at $250 which is completely complimentary, at no charge; it’s my gift to you!

A 1 on 1 Strategy Session of 45 - 60 minutes on a Zoom conversations where we get clear on exactly where you are, what you would love to create, and the next most important step you can take that will move you in the direction of your dream.

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(BRENDA PEARCE'S)- Collaborative Gift From The Contributors of The Secret Child Life After Loss

It is a collection of specially gifted offers and audio downloads from the Collaborators. Life After Loss is the first of this series and features a cross-section of lives and loss from parents willing to share from the heart.

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(BLANEY TEAL'S)- Exclusiive Resource Guide + 30 Day FREE Trial in NEXT Accelerator Academy

Get all the tools and resources I use to run my business and recommend to my clients then enjoy 30 days of working with me in a group setting + 60+ recorded trainings. You also receive $50 off each month after the free trial.

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(ALI LANKERANI'S)- 5 Columns to Connectivity

5 Columns to Connectivity is about helping you find and maintain an authentic connection with yourself, your community, and the world.

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(LYN TEMPERLEY)- A colour analysis on zoom By Lyn Temperley

A 15 minute personal colour analysis

(JACKIE LAPIN)- 44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking by Jackie Lapin

"As a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt-in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times! Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements! "

(JESSICA KOCH)-The Art of Prospecting Training Video by Jessica Koch

"Build Your Targeted Customer List Using Free tool available to you

Having a clear target is key to success in any journey! You must know your desired destination!!"

(JILL LUBLIN'S)- Publicity Action Guide by Jill Lublin

"Tips to capture media attention like newspapers and magazines, radio shows and podcasts Hotlists to find the right place to have you and your company or your book be seen Instructions so easy any team member can do them Step by step instruction to create a press release that gets noticed Secret strategies of successful public relations firms And more!"

(JONATHAN BENGEL)-5 Easy Steps to Profitable Happiness by Jonathan Bengel, EA, CTC, CTP, Fellow NTPI, M.Ed

I give away 5 steps into stepping into your profits as an entrepreneur.


One-on-One 6 week Mentoring sessions. You will understand what it takes to work for yourself when dealing with an illness or disability. You will walk away with an outline of how to start and execute you plans moving forward.

All for the discount rate of $1500


Plug & Profit Customer Acquisition Template

This Plug and Profit Template will help you create even more conversations with prospects who are ready to invest into your services and filter out those that aren't a fit so you can avoid the constant revenue rollercoaster.

(KIMBERLY CROWE)-The Essential Guest Speaker Checklist by Kimberly Crowe

The Essential Guest Speaker Checklist

(KIMBERLY CROWE)-Remember Your Why Journal by Kimberly Crowe

An inspirational journal for entrepreneurs

(LYN TEMPERLEY)-Joosh up your look with Passionate Colour by Lyn Temperley

Lyn will JOOSH up your Zoom look with passionate colour, so that you will be MAGNETIC!!! .

(NATAN VERKHOVSKY)-Personal Momentum: Secrets of Self Transformation Workbook by Natan Verkhovsky, M.Ht.

Based on the Best-Selling Book, the reader will learn the 23 elite Mental, Physical and Emotional Drills learned from and used by Olympic Athletes and Int'l Sports Teams, and Executives and Peak Performing Entrepreneurs.

(SHERIDAN WICKENS-FOGG)- Wheel of Life Transition Call by Sheridan Wickens-Fogg

"Wheel of Life Transition Call" - Schedule your free call with Sheridan, uncover the areas in your life that are needing a little attention. Become energized and laser focused and get back on track to living the life you have always wanted. It’s time to unpack your “life luggage”, remove those things that no longer serve you and make room for the new “life luggage”, to include the new tool belt loaded with tools to help you on the next phase of your life journey and help you navigate ALL of life’s transitions.

(TONI KAUFMAN'S)- Are Your Camera Ready Masterclass

From Lights and Camera Angles to Sound, Virtual Backgrounds, and Settings This is your crash course on how to look your best for the world of online events, recordings, and meetings, and then some! Make sure you bring your makeup and best color tops, Like a virtual slumber party, we get to play with your makeup at the virtual makeup makeover!


The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau Founders Club

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau Founders Club is a virtual speaker showcase with an app that not only goes to all the event and meeting planners but also to my TV and Radio Show Producers as well as the Podcast Producers who are looking for guests.
We help you get ready for that wonderful next step on your journey as a Speaker, Author, Healer, Coach, or Entrepreneur with our training, our support, and our Affiliate Gifts. “Our mission is simple: we help undiscovered experts step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.”